Monday, May 28, 2007

un monde de livres

here is the last semester project before the start of the diplom. the project was to design a bookshelf. before project we had a workshop with tomoko azumi, who also took part in the project as the external expert. i named the shelf system 'virosa' after a deadly form of mushroom. however, the forms i used as inspiration for the bookshelf are from a type of fungus lamellae. i developed four main forms for the shelf units which can be seen in the picture of the model.

for the prototype i was only able to realize one of the forms (the smallest one). this a prototype made of some standard styrofoam. i glued three 100mm thick pieces together then cut out the form. the material for the final prototype is intended to be expanded polypropylene (epp). i'm not quite sure of the exact thickness which would be required or if multi-density epp would be a better suited for this form.




Blogger Milena said...

I find those kinds of bookshelves unpractical although the design is quite appealing and certainly very interesting. I mean, unpractical in the terms that those bookshelves takes a lot of space while you can’t actually storage much.

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