Friday, November 30, 2007

-future of the left-

a week ago future of the left played a show here in basel at the hirscheneck. i had seen the poster in roxy music and made a note just because the poster interested me. before the show i got a hold of their album 'curses' ...amazing. so, i went to show and it fucking rocked! it reminded me of all the great small loud concerts that saw in austin. i made the picture with my mobile and there was obviously not enough light, but i think it suits the atmosphere..., if you don't know future of the left, then i highly recommend getting 'curses'.

Monday, November 26, 2007


two weeks back i had attended quite a few concerts. let us start with the first concert and go from there.

on monday the 12th voxtrot had a show in zürich ...finally they made it to switzerland (less travel time/expense for me). they played at one of, if not the oldest music venue in switzerland, 'mascotte'. they played a really good show and due to a broken d string, jason's bass had new strings on it for the first time in at least ten years.

more voxtrot

since they had the next day off, i crashed at the wonderful etap hotel with them. on tuesday the band 'electric eel shock' from 'tokyo, japan' (as the drummer explained to me) was playing at mascotte and the club owner put us on the list. i heard they are quite entertaining, so i decided to check it out. when i saw that the drummer was wearing only shoes, gloves and a sock ...on his dick, i was sure the show would be good. this speculation was justified when he began to play with two sticks in each hand and then i knew it truly was …'lock and loll!'

more electric eel shock

on thursday julie and i went to the interpol/blonde redhead show. i was happy to see both, but slightly confused as why two were playing a show together. none-the-less it was a good show, although it would've been nice to hear one or two of the b.redhead classics...

sunday brought cocorosie to basel along with bunny rabbit. i wasn't quite sure what to expect at this show. i wouldn've liked to have walked into the concert hall to find a bunch of sofas and seating elements, but no such luck. the show was in a really big hall (which i hate), but at least it was a smoke free concert ...amazing. bunny rabbit and black cracker rapped it up on stage and cocorosie also did some nice rapping action, but i think that to a certain extent, white girls can't rap. however, cocorosie didn't have a drummer per se, they had a guy beatboxin', and he ...he was awesome. he was able to produce a stupid-crazy amount of bass.